Thursday, May 17, 2012

Swap 'til You Drop

Wednesday was a really busy day for me, so I wanted an effortless outfit. When I want effortless I always reach for a dress. This is the version of my outfit I wore to the Fiesta Swap event hosted by the Swapaholics. For work I opted for flats and a cardi (like I did here)

I had a lot of fun at the swap. I am still a little timid/ shy around big groups of bloggers, but I'm getting a little better at introducing myself and starting conversations. Maybe after a few more events I'll be an old pro?

I came away from the swap with 4 new pieces. Unfortunately, I won't be able to wear one of the items (it's a romper that I mistook for a blouse), but I will definitely be wearing the lacy beige dress and hot pink beaded  angora cardigan I scored from Sara very soon!

Dress: Old Navy
Jacket: JCrew via Goodwill
Shoes: Payless last year
Belt: H&M
Necklace: gift

Have you had any luck at clothes swaps?


  1. i love this bright dress! it's so summery and perfectly paired with the denim jacket!

  2. Those peep toe sling backs are so cute! And don't worry, I'm shy about smoozing with fellow bloggers, too. Fake it til ya make it ;)

  3. I'm just jealous you live somewhere near other bloggers. But I'd totally be shy and awkward so I understand the feeling!

  4. I agree, I always reach for dresses when I want something effortless, they're just so easy. (And sometimes that's problem, trying to make them exciting and different.) I love seeing how you remix your wardrobe, the j.crew jacket and your old navy dress look so summery and cute together.
    I haven't been to any clothing swaps, but I do swap clothes with my mom, my sister and my brother's girlfriend all the time. (The awesome part is we all have size nine feet and we all have serious shoe addictions, so it's an endless rotation.) It really sounds like you're having fun in the blogger community there!

  5. Cute dress! I love Old Navy clothes.

    I also am super awkward around new people, especially in a large group session.

  6. The dress is so cute, I love it!!!

    xxx Anita

  7. i love this dress on you, tashia! and i think it's great that you went to this swap, i have yet to attend any swaps or blogger get togethers but i hope i can at some point!


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