Wednesday, May 23, 2012

All Busines

This week is a busy week for me at work. Interviews, meetings and trainings every day mean dressing up a little more than I normally do. When I have to go a little less casual with my business casual I have a hard time getting dressed day to day. This outfit is nothing special, but pretty representative of my day to day officewear.

When I can't decide what to wear and a dress really isn't an option I reach for my trusty black pencil skirt. I've been enjoying the fact that the weather is finally at a point where I don't feel like I need a cardigan every day. Unfortunately the AC was turned up really high at my office, so I ended up wearing a blazer all day.

Skirt: Target last year
Blouse: TJMaxx last year (also seen here)
Belt: H&M
Shoes: Payless


  1. I love this outfit. Very elegant and classic!

  2. Although the outfit is work appropriate its also kinda sexy! The blouse is a great and the pencil skirt highlights your curves!

  3. this is definitely an outfit i would put together & i think a great choice to get you through your week. i love it!

  4. This is a great outfit for ll of those meetings and training, you look both lovely and professional! (Love that color of blouse, it is so warm and bright, like a ray of sunshine.) I also like the mixture of the brown accessories with your black skirt, it kinda changes the look up from the expected black accessories. :)

  5. i wouldn't say "nothing special". i think this is a great outfit. i love that color on you!

  6. How cute are you. Your look is classic.


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