Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hiatus/ Life Lately

It's been a week since I put up a post. Life is busy, y'all! Between packing, preparing for the move, and just generally trying to enjoy these dog days of summer, I have simply not had the time or motivation to take outfit pictures or write a post. Here's what I've been up to.

Recent  Old Navy purchases have me finally excited for fall fashion. 

Snuggled in bed reading with Myles kitty.

Sometimes I'd just rather spend my time watching movies, eating my weight in ice-cream, drinking beers with friends or live tweeting the ridiculousness of the RNC than writing a blog post. I hope you can forgive me. I'll  be back next week!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fall Can Wait

I am not one of those bloggers that can't wait for fall. I love sweaters, boots and scarves as much as the next girl, but I also love sunshine and being able to leave the house without a jacket. In fact, Boston has been having my favorite kind of weather for the past few days. Breezy and sunny with highs in the high 70s/ low 80s and lows in the 60s. I've been taking advantage of the weather by wearing some of my summer favorites that just don't work on the really hot days. Because of its long sleeves, this dress is one of those items.

Coral is kind of my favorite color to wear right now. I loved coral and leopard together in this outfit, so I decided to wear my new flats from Target. They're so comfortable and cheap (on sale for $14!) that I might have to go back and buy them in another color. One warning- they run a bit small so go a half size up.

Dress: H&M  purchased in Dec.
Flats: Target
Cami: ?
Bracelets: thrifted/ vintage

Fall can wait because I really want to keep wearing sandals, breezy dresses, and denim shorts:)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Two Beaches, One Blue Bikini

Unlike super models, bloggers come in all shapes and sizes. That fact is one of the primary reasons I started reading blogs a few years ago, and why I felt compelled to start a blog of my own. It is so important for women and girls to be exposed to images in the media that are realistic. My hope was that if just one thick-thighed, pear-shaped woman out there would see my blog and think "hey, she looks like me and she wears what she wants!",  then I would have made a difference.

If there's one item of clothing that can make even the most confident, body accepting and self assured woman cower in body shame terror, it's the bikini. I know I'm not the first chubby girl to put up a picture of herself in a bikini for the world to see, and I sure as hell hope I won't be the last, but it was really important to me to do it.

In short, I've been wanting to do a swimsuit post all summer, so imagine my disappointment when I realized I forgot my camera on our first vacation beach day. I improvised and had Mike snap a few cell phone pix, but I just wasn't super pleased with how they turned out.

Thankfully we were able to get in a second beach day and get some better pictures with my little point and shoot.

So what does it take to feel confident in a swimsuit? I have no clue. What helps me is to have a suit that is comfortable and fun to wear. I don't mind showing my stomach, but I like to keep my upper thighs under wraps, so I usually go for a skirted bikini. Not because I think my thighs need to be covered, but because that is what makes me feel most comfortable.

Swimsuit: Victoria's Secret- Bottom, Top 

Normally I advocate trying everything on if you can, but this bikini was an adventure in online shopping that actually worked! I had a gift card to Victoria's Secret leftover from my birthday and a coupon so I decided to take a glimpse at their sale swimwear. Low and behold I found a skirted bottom and supportive top in the color I wanted! I ordered it knowing there was about a pretty good chance that the XL bottoms would be too small, but hoping they would fit.

The skirted bottom fits perfectly and provides the perfect amount of coverage. The top is supportive and has two sets of straps that can be worn lots of different ways. The sizing is by bra size, so it's really easy to find the right fit, it VS carries your bra size. This is definitely my new favorite swimsuit, and if I lived somewhere where I needed a lot of swimsuits I would totally order another color!

I had a great time at both beaches and I'm happy I have these photos to share with you:)

Monday, August 20, 2012

Weekend Recap: Beer, Dinosaurs,and a Walk in the Park

Saturday I went to Brew at the Zoo at the Franklin Park Zoo. About a dozen breweries were there giving out samples, as well as some food vendors. I had a lot of delicious beers, but my favorites were the Espresso Amber Ale by Peak Organic and the Pumpkin Ale from Brooklyn Brewery. It was a ton fun walking around the zoo, beer in hand looking at the animals and the animatronic dinosaurs in the Zoorasic Park.
Our Souvenir Dinosaur Photo
Sunday Mike and I went to our favorite brunch place and then went for a walk in the Arnold Arboretum. It was the perfect afternoon to lay on a blanket surrounded by trees, sip some iced coffee and read a book, so that is exactly what we did.

Tee: Old Navy
Blue Denim Skinnies: Old Navy
Sandals: b.o.c.

How was your weekend?

Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday's Five Facts: Cities I love to visit.

In keeping with the vacation theme I've got going on this week. I thought I'd share with you five places I have never lived, but love to visit.

1. New Orleans, Louisiana
The first time I went to New Orleans was in April 2008. I  rode down from Maryland in a very small car with four other women from my college to attend V to the Tenth, a 10th anniversary celebration of the Vagina Monologues and the VDay movement. Since time was limited during that trip, and since I was still a few weeks shy of my 21st birthday I didn't get to truly enjoy the city. From what I did see during that weekend, I fell in love and knew I had to go back.

Outside the Super Dome in 2008
I made two more trips two New Orleans. One during my road trip/ move from Maryland to Austin, TX in June 2009, and another to visit my bff Katy in September 2010 when she lived there. I love the food, the music,the history, the lack of open container laws, and how friendly the people are. I was seriously bummed when Katy moved to the LA area, because it means I no longer have an excuse to visit New Orleans.

One of my favorite pictures from my 2009 trip- tombs in an above ground cemetery.
2. Seabrooke Island/ Charleston, South Carolina
Summers in highschool my mom, sister and I would meet up with my Aunt, Uncle, and Cousins  at a condo on Seabrooke Island, South Carolina. You may recognize Seabrooke as the location for the movie the Notebook. It's jut as beautiful as you'd imagine! We'd spend the week going to the beautiful beaches, and making the occasional trip into Charleston for some barbecue and to see the sites. I haven't been since I was about 16, but I'm dying to go back some day.

3. San Antonio, Texas
We didn't really take family vacations when I was a kid, but we did do a long weekend trip to San Antonio almost every summer. We'd go to the Alamo, the Riverwalk, Seaworld, and then do some back to school shopping at the outlet malls. I've made a few day trips there as an adult and have fallen back in love with the city. I love San Antonio because there is shopping, history, and delicious food all in one place!

In front of the Alamo in 2009
3. Washington, D.C.
Other than Boston, DC is the only major East Coast city I can see myself living in. I lived in Takoma Park, MD (about 5 blocks from the District) for about two months in summer 2008 and I've spent a lot of time in the DC area visiting friends, attending events, and sight seeing. DC has a ton of history, some really amazing restaurants, a great transit system, and lots of green space. I love the cherry blossoms in the spring, the Folk Life festival in the summer, and the National Christmas Tree in the winter. I also love going to the National Zoo and the Smithsonians because they're all free!

My favorite DC memory is definitely attending President Obama's inauguration in January 2009. It was so cold!
 4. New York City, New York
As a theater buff and fashion lover, I guess it's impossible not to love New York. I have only been into the city a few times, but I always enjoy myself. Mike is from just outside of the city, so I hope many more visits are in my future. As fun as it is to visit, I have no desire to ever live in NYC. It's just too big for me!

In front of the Empire State Building, 2007
Rockefeller Plaza, 2007
5. Baltimore, Maryland
One of my biggest regrets is that I lived in Maryland for 8 years but only made it up to Baltimore a handful of times. It really is a fun, quirky city (think of how it's portrayed in John Waters movies, but take it down a few notches). Mike and I have talked about moving to the Baltimore area in a few years, so maybe I'll be seeing lots of it in the future.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Vacation Style

One side effect of moving and travelling lots over the past three years is that I have learned to pack a lot of stuff into a small space. Summer trips are especially easy to pack for because summer clothes don't take up a lot of room. I managed to fit 3 swimsuits, 2 pairs of shorts, 5 shirts, 5 dresses, 3 belts plus under garments, sleepwear and a beach towel into a carry on sized suitcase. 

I never take enough pictures when I'm on vacation. I left my camera at the hotel a few times, and forgot to take pictures other times. As a result, I only got a few outfit photos and none of them captured the jean shorts and tshirts I was wearing 60% of the time. What I did capture were the sundresses I wore on the nights we went out for a nice dinner. 

Outfit: Dress-Old Navy; Sandals-b.o.c.

This picture is from the first night of our vacation. We met Mike's uncle for dinner after taking a little walk around the Westport, CT waterfront. Unfortunately, our time in Westport was mostly rainy. Between storms we managed to get in a short beach day at Sherwood Island, enjoy a barbecue with some of Mike's family and play some evening mini-golf on the Norwalk waterfront.

Outfit: Dress and Belt- H&M; Sandals- Payless
Thankfully, our time in the Mystic, CT area was storm free. We were able to enjoy a nice day at the aquarium, some Mystic Pizza, and a day at Napatree Point Beach in Westerly,RI. This picture is from our last night when we went for a walk along the Mystic waterfront before meeting Mike's friend for dinner. 

We had a great vacation full of sand, sun, seafood and ice cream! As much as I would have liked a few more days, it was nice to get back and sleep in my own bed. I'll share some beach/ bikini photos with you next week!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Vacation- Had to get Away!

Hey everyone. Just wanted to drop a quick post to let y'al know I'm going to be on vacation until next Wednesday, 8/15. I don't think I'll get any posts up until I get back. In the mean time you can keep up with my adventures on Twitter.

Happy Summer!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Full Price

I almost never pay full price for clothing from Old Navy. They always have a sale, so when I see something I  like I just go back a week later and it's on sale (or I wait until I have a coupon). When I saw this dress, I knew I couldn't wait and risk having it not available in my size. Office appropriate length and neckline? Black and white print that isn't a stripe or polka dot? Sign me up!

When I saw this dress my mind started racing with all of the possibilities for styling. I can't wait to wear it layered over tights with boots and a chunky sweater for fall/ winter. For my first spin in it I was going to keep it really simple, but it looked sort of off with the sash that came with it, so I took off the sash and added this red patent belt. 

Dress: Old Navy
Belt: ? Came on a skirt.
Necklace: So Good
Shoes: Spring Step via DSW

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Remix: Geometric Print Skirt

I think I have worn this skirt at least once a week since June. I am so glad I rediscovered it in the back of my closet! It's a flowy, lightweight linen blend. Truly perfect for those muggy summer days when I don't want to wear anything too fitted. 

Cami: H&M
Shrug" Forever21
Skirt: Marshall's circa 2008. 

This is this skirt's fourth appearance on the blog, but I've somehow managed to style it very differently each time. It's nice t have pieces that can be remixed in lots of different ways. 

June 20th


July 17th

Monday, August 6, 2012

Teaching Pants

As part of my job I serve as a CPR and First Aid instructor. When I'm teaching I demonstrate a lot of the skills, so I like to wear pants. I've mentioned many times before that I have trouble being creative with pants, so I rarely post the outfits I wear on teaching days. Due to a lack of outfit pictures in the latter part of last week and no pictures from the weekend, here is a boring pants, blouse and cardigan combo!

I don't love this outfit, but I do love this blouse. I need to find more ways to style it. Any suggestions?

Blouse: Old Navy
Cardigan: Target
Pants: Target
Sandals: Payless
Necklace: flea market

Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday's Five Facts: Where I'm from 8/3

Today I thought I'd answer what I find to be one of life's most complicated questions- "Where are you from?"

1. I was born in Columbus, Ohio. I lived in and around Columbus until just after my 7th birthday, but I haven't lived in Ohio since then. My mom and my sister moved back to Ohio in 2009 when my mom and step dad got divorced,  so I spend all of my holidays there. Although it is where my family lives, Ohio just isn't home to me. To me Ohio is Christmas!

Ohio Santa ornament from Designs by Angie on Etsy

2. In the summer of 1994 my mom, her new husband and I road tripped from Columbus to Kingsville, Texas where we lived for the next 3 1/2 years and where my little sister was born. At the beginning of 5th grade we moved to another small town just outside of Corpus Christi-  Portland, Texas.  We lived there until the start of 9th grade. Portland feels like a home town to me every time I go back there, and I still keep in touch with friends from Jr. High. I feel lucky that I got the chance to grow up on the Texas Gulf Coast because it meant lots of hot, sticky summers at some really beautiful beaches.

Sand Dunes at Padre Island National Sea Shore Source
 3. In 9th grade my Step Dad got stationed at Patuxent River Naval Air Station in Southern Maryland. I lived in St. Mary's County Maryland from 9th grade through the end of college. (I went to St. Mary's College of Maryland, MD's public honors college.)  Although my family hasn't lived there since 2005 (they moved right after I graduated highschool), Southern Maryland feels like home to me more than anywhere else in the country. I lived there for 8 years, which is longer than I've lived any where else. I try to make a visit to Maryland at least once a year to see friends and familiar places. Mike and I have even talked a little about moving to the DC/ Baltimore area after he's done with grad school.

At Somolons Island in Southern Maryland in May 2011
Watching the sun set over the St. Mary's River in 2009

4. After college (and a terrible break up) I felt like I needed to go on an adventure. I got a job as a campaign organizer and fulfilled a long standing dream of moving to Austin, TX. Austin is an amazing city. I instantly felt at home there, and it was nice to get back to my Texas roots. I loved the pace of Austin, the food, the music, the people. I really thought I'd found my new hometown. Unfortunately, the dream was short lived, but the journey was awesome and I met my best friend!

Mini Golf in Austin. Summer 2009 with my bff Katy

5. My job asked me to move to Boston in December 2009. Given the economy at that point in time,  I felt like I had to take them up on it or risk loosing my job. I begrudgingly moved from my Central Texas paradise to cold, snowy Boston in the middle of the winter. To be honest, I hated Boston the first 15 or so months I lived here. It wasn't until the Spring of 2011 that I really started to fall in love with the city and it's conveniences. I still hate the winters, but I'm happy here.

Boston City Map Letter Press from Gooseberry Designs on Etsy

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Pencil Perfect

It seems counter intuitive to buy new clothes while attempting to purge my closet and down size, but I've been on the hunt for a new black pencil skirt for a really long time. I love pencil skirts, but they're hard for me. My waist is much smaller than my hips, butt and thighs. In fact, I have two pencil skirts in my closet that were online purchases that I can't wear until I get them altered.

When I saw this skirt at Macy's, I knew I had to try it on. I was in the plus size section, so I grabbed the 1X and I was really disappointed when it was too big. As some one who is in between sizing systems, I love it when stores carry the same pieces in plus sizes and straight sizes. I was stoked to find an XL on the other side of the store. Perfect fit! The stretchy fabric is forgiving of my curves, but helps it maintain its shape at the waist.

Tank: thrifted
Cardigan: Target
Pencil skirt: Alfani from Macy's- Standard Size, Plus Size available in store.

Leopard and coral are just too great together.

Do you have any luck with pencil skirts?