Friday, May 11, 2012

Thank Goodwill It's Friday!

TGIF everyone! Between all the rain we had this week and my four day weekend last week, this week has felt like the longest week ever. I wanted to take a moment to do a quick post about my first ever blogger event. Last Thursday I attended a behind the scenes event at Goodwill Boston's headquarters. The event was hosted by  Melissa and Amy of the Swapaholics. I'll admit I was a little intimidated at first, but I felt instantly welcomed by all the women that attended!

Goodwill generously provided us each with a 50% off coupon and some time to shop in the massive Huntington Ave store. I was overwhelmed by the sheer size of the store and ended up saving my coupon for a trip to my local store in Jamaica Plain. I'm glad I did because I found an awesome JCrew Denim Jacket for only $5 with my coupon.

After shopping we got to hear more about Goodwill's services, mission, and then tour their awesome distribution center.

Did you know that about 86 cents of every dollar spent at one of their stores goes directly to their amazing programs and that they are able to sell or recycle almost everything that is donated? For more information about Goodwill Mass check out their website, follow them on twitter @Goodwillboston or check out their Facebook page

Be sure to tweet about your favorite thrifted or vintage finds every Friday with hashtag #thankgoodwillitsfriday.

Live in the Boston area? Here's an awesome 20% off coupon to use at any store in Eastern/ Central Mass.

My Outfit:
Shirt: H&M Conscious Collection
Blazer: Forever 21- last year
Scarf: Target
Bag: Jason Wu for Target
Jeans: Forever 21+

*** All pictures from the Swapaholics' post about the event.


  1. what a fun event! i would LOVE to go behind the scenes at my local goodwills, i am so interested in that type of thing... seeing donations come in, how they sort and price, etc. what a neat opportunity!

  2. I admit Im a little jealous, it seems like Boston has such an amazing blogger community, it must be so fun to all get together and to meet in real life! Thats something we just don't have up here, so far there's a total of two Alaska style bloggers. :P
    This looks like it was such a fun event, it's always exciting to see behind the scenes and I think it is so cool you got to do it with a thrift store, rather than a large deparment store. (And you look totally adorable at it!)


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