Monday, February 25, 2013

An outfit, but mostly just cat pics

I finally got a new camera! It's my new job/ tax return present to myself. I decided a DSLR just wasn't realistic for me right now, so I upgraded to a nice point and click instead. I settled on the Nikon CoolPix L610. It might not be a DSLR, but with 16mp and multiple shooting modes and ISO settings, it is definitely a huge step up from my bare bones 10pm camera. My only complaint thus far is that it uses AA batteries and doesn't have the best battery life. 

Blouse- Evans via Gwynnie Bee; Cardi-Target, Jeans- Old Navy, booties- Minnetonka
Would you believe this picture was taken outside at 8pm? Amazing! It turned out a little more grainy than I expected. If anyone has tips for taking less grainy photos, let me know! Of course to practice with my new camera I've been taking pictures of my cat.

...Lots and lots of pictures of my cat.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Life Lately: February

I miss you guys! Life has been great, but busy. I love my new job, and the free time I've been able to spend baking, organizing, and working on my nail art skills.

I'm missing a piece to my primary tripod, so I haven't taken any outfit photos since starting my new job. I'm hoping I'll find the piece soon, but until then here are some cell phone pics I've taken this month!
Some Snow

Some More Snow

Valentine's Day Nail Art

Kitty watching the snow come down

I'm Rising!
One Billion Rising Demonstration

Thursday, February 14, 2013

These Hips are Rising

Happy Valentine's Day! 

Being involved with the VDay movement for the past seven years has transformed February 14th from a silly holiday about candy hearts, girlish romance and flowers to a day of power, community, and self- love.

This year's theme is One Billion Rising. There are approximately 3 billion women and girls on this planet. One third of them will experience violence or rape in her lifetime. I don't know about you, but that is not a statistic I can accept!

I can't accept that having hips and breasts means you can objectify me,  or that wearing a short skirt or having a drink too many means I want to have sex with you. 

I can't accept the cat calls, the whistles, the man coping a feel, the boy undressing with his eyes. 

I can't accept femicide, genital mutilation, forced trans-vaginal ultrasounds, slut shaming, street harassment, anti-choice legislation, or misogyny as facts of life.

Today women and men all over the world are rising in dance, in song, in protest and in memory. We're rising for our sisters our mothers, daughters, friends, our lovers, and ourselves. Visit for information about events in your area.  Bring your date with you. Everyone is welcome. 

If you're in Boston, and you'd like to rise with me. I'll be in Copley square at 5:30pm! 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Buttons and Cameras

This outfit is pretty representative of what I've been wearing to work lately. With temperatures mostly below freezing I've been choosing warmth over style. 

I've really discovered the beauty of button down shirts this winter. In the past I've had trouble with fit on button downs. It's hard to find one that fits over my hips and boobs, but isn't too baggy in the shoulders or waist. Thankfully, I've  found two flannel shirts and this chambray shirt that fit pretty well, and I've been wearing them constantly.

Outfit:  Pants- Forever 21; Shirt- Old Navy similar at Macy's; Boots- Me too; Cardigan- Target  similar at Old Navy

I've about had it with my camera. I've been thinking about/ lusting after a DSLR. However, I really don't want to invest a ridiculous amount of money in a camera right now and I don't actually know very much about photography. I'm leaning towards skipping the DSLR for now and upgrading to a nicer point and shoot.

Before I make the purchase, I wanted to reach out to y'all for suggestions. What type of camera do you use? Any suggestions for a user friendly camera that takes beautiful pictures?

Friday, February 1, 2013

Weekly Wish List: Workin on My Fitness

While I didn't set any concrete health or fitness related New Year's resolutions, I still plan to establish a better exercise routine this year.

It's no secret that I hate working out. I make excuses all the time. I'm too tired, it's too cold, my hip hurts, etc. I am a little embarrassed to admit that I'm paying $60/ month for a gym I haven't been to since before Thanksgiving. When I start my new job I'll work and live within two blocks of my gym, so it's going to be a lot harder to make excuses. I'm always looking for new ways to keep myself motivated. What better motivation to work out than some adorable new colorful workout clothes/ accessories?

1, 2, 3, 4, 5

What do you do to motivate yourself to work out?