Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekend recap: Newport, RI

On Saturday my beau, Mike, and I celebrated the end of his first year of law school with a little day-trip. First we went to Ikea to get some ideas for our apartment. We got some new bedding and some kitchen items and we made a list of furniture pieces we might like to get when we're finally in our first place together in September. 

After the quick Ikea walk through (Mike is not a shopper) we headed down to Newport, RI for some sunshine, sand and seafood! 

Mike and I on Easton's Beach

The view from our table at dinner

Best lobster roll ever!

First we got some sunshine and dipped our feet in the water at Easton's beach, and we took a walk on the Cliff Walk. We wrapped up our day trip with dinner at the Marina Cafe and Pub. It is a cute little seafood restaurant a little off the beaten path. Dinner was delicious, but the best part was our amazing view of the harbor. 

How was your weekend?


  1. Looks like you two had a great road trip! I am jealous of anyone that close to any beaches!

    1. Where are you located Katie? I realize I read your blog every day, but have no clue where you live!

  2. omg you are too cute! :D I love your striped shirt--looks like you had a fabulous weekend! :D

    xo Allison of Curvy Girl Chic

    1. Thanks! I was feeling very nautical:)

  3. Congrats to Mike! I know how relieved he must be :)

    Looks like you two had a fun day-trip. Hubby & I have been wanting to go to Newport. Hopefully we'll make it this summer!


  4. Lobster rolls, yum!! One of my most favorite foods in the world.

  5. Looks like you had an awesome weekend! You look so relaxed! I LOVE lobster rolls! Something about them screams summer!


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