Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Men's Cardigan and Polka dots

When you're out shopping, don't count out the men's section of your favorite stores. I absolutely love men's cardigans. They tend to run just a little bit longer than women's cardigans and they typically have pockets.  Typically colors in the men's department are pretty basic, but every now and then you'll find something unusual like this teal number.

A pencil skirt, basic shirt and a cardigan is kind of my work "uniform".  It is the combination I gravitate towards for the office, especially if I am doing in person interviews, or anything where I need to look especially professional (I work in HR). This fun polka dot skirt adds a little sass to an otherwise basic look. 

Tank: H&M
Cardigan: H&M Men's 
Skirt: Torrid
Belt: Forever 21
Pumps: DSW, Crown Vintage
Necklace: Gifted

Do you ever incorporate men's wear into your wardrobe? 


  1. I find mens cardigans are better too, for some reason a lot of female clothing are too short.

  2. I don't usually go to the mens section, just because I'm so short and have such a short torso, everything comes down to my knees!

    However, I always love the look on taller women and this look stunning on you! That color is really fantastic and bright and I like seeing someone wear a different color with pokadots. (Lately it seems red really is the popular one to mix with them.) Very cute and professional looking, but you kept the fun elament.

  3. I steal my husband's clothes ALL the time, haha. I need to start actually shopping the men's section sometimes - doesn't it seem like they often have better sales?


    1. Definitely better sales, and also more variety. I've found that the women's sale or clearance items tend to be picked over when it comes to sizes and colors, but men's don't.

  4. Hi/Ciao
    Great Look wearing that men's cardigan it's Cool with the Pencil Skirt!
    I think that the Essence of Fashion is Mix, Try different things andYou have a Great Talent in Wearing...Cheers!
    Molti complimenti per il tuo Stile nel Vestire.
    Ciao dall'Italia
    Greetings from Italy by fellow Artist Aurè


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