Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Comfy in Never-land

I wore this comfy outfit on Saturday to run some errands. It wasn't until I looked at my outfit photos that I realized I had a little peter-pan thing going on with my green sweater and brown boots.

There's nothing more comfy on a cold Saturday than an over-sized sweater, comfy jeans, and a warm pair of boots. I picked up this cardigan at a thrift store (from the men's section) back in September for $5. It is vintage, a lovely shade of kelly green, and 100% wool. 

Sweater: Thirfted at Bommerangs in JP
Blouse: Macy's last year
Jeans: Old Navy a few years ago.
Boots: Payless last year (they're wide calf!)
Belt: Forever 21


  1. heh, i never would have thought peter pan, but whenever i pair green & brown i always think people are going to think i look like a tree. you definitely do not, this is a very cute saturday look!

  2. I love green and brown together, and those boots look amazing!

  3. Ha ha! I like Peter Pan! No shame there,girl! And loving the wide calf boots!

    Katie- Hems For Her


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