Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Weekly Wishlist: Statement Necklaces

I don't own a lot of jewelry. I have a penchant for losing earrings, tangling strands of beads, and breaking clasps. Jewelry is something I've never been able to justify spending a lot of money on. Now that I'm taking pictures of myself everyday I'm starting to see myself as a little under-accessorized. I think adding a few statement necklaces to my jewelry box will kick my outfits up a notch, like adding some hot sauce to a dish.

Here are a few I've got my eye on:

Image via Eloquii.com
Double strand necklace: $14.99 on clearance at Eloquii.com
I love the bright purple color!

Image via stelladot.com
Serenity necklace: $198 Stella and Dot
This necklace would definitely be a splurge. I love the colors of the stones, and that it isn't perfectly symmetrical. 

Image via inpink.com
Mixed Metal Dangling Tear Drop: $26
This neutral necklace would be great to add subtle sparkle to any outfit. 

Image via jcrew.com

Bubble necklace: $150 JCrew
Another splurge item, but it is so colorful and bright!


  1. Love the second and the fourth one the most.

  2. Old Navy has lots of great statement pieces. Here's what I do - I own two chain necklaces, one silver, one gold. I buy pendents and charms from Hobby Lobby or Michaels (these are $5 or cheaper) and switch them out. It's cheap and I get tons of compliments!

  3. I really want to expand my statement necklace collection too. The J Crew one you've posted is my favorite, but it's soo expensive. Hopefully we can find some reasonable options, huh?


  4. I have lost so much jewelry, it's not even funny. Earring, necklaces, rings, watches and braclets, I ALWAYS lose my bracelets. I've been trying to wear most costume jewelry now, I don't feel as bad if I lose that. (These are some great picks btw, I'm going to go take a look at some of them!)

  5. That Stella and Dot necklace is amazing! Love it! Not that I'm purposely trying to encourage you to splurge or anything... ;)

    Katie- Hems For Her

  6. i love the stella dot and the j. crew ones! so beautiful. (and now i want to shop!)

  7. Love the second one! So pretty, the colors are lovely.

  8. love all of these!



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