Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lady in Red

Red is not really my favorite color, but I just couldn't pass up this blazer. It's vintage- my guess is 80s, but thankfully it does not have shoulder pads. And it looked virtually brand new! I meant to take some pictures of the details on it. It has really great pleating at the pockets and in the back.

The weather in Boston has been fantastic this week, hence the bare ankles and cropped pants. Someone commented on a previous post that I have really skinny ankles. It's not something I've ever noticed or thought to emphasize before, but I'll take it!

Blazer: Vintage from the Garment District
Shirt: Old Navy
Pants: Target
Shoes: Crown Vintage via DSW clearance


  1. Wow. I mean I love red but I think it definitely takes a sassy attitude to pull off that red blazer and lady you ROCK IT! I'm a huge fan of red/black combo (as you can see here: am just loving this outfit. :)

    Happy Blogging,

  2. Amazing find, girl! I've found some great vintage blazers in Boston thrift stores too. Lucky us :)


  3. Love the red jacket! I love the color red and youre rocking it!!!

  4. That blazer is a really great vintage find and I love it paired with the polka dots! Super cute look!

    The Tiny Heart


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