Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday's Five Facts: Where I'm from 8/3

Today I thought I'd answer what I find to be one of life's most complicated questions- "Where are you from?"

1. I was born in Columbus, Ohio. I lived in and around Columbus until just after my 7th birthday, but I haven't lived in Ohio since then. My mom and my sister moved back to Ohio in 2009 when my mom and step dad got divorced,  so I spend all of my holidays there. Although it is where my family lives, Ohio just isn't home to me. To me Ohio is Christmas!

Ohio Santa ornament from Designs by Angie on Etsy

2. In the summer of 1994 my mom, her new husband and I road tripped from Columbus to Kingsville, Texas where we lived for the next 3 1/2 years and where my little sister was born. At the beginning of 5th grade we moved to another small town just outside of Corpus Christi-  Portland, Texas.  We lived there until the start of 9th grade. Portland feels like a home town to me every time I go back there, and I still keep in touch with friends from Jr. High. I feel lucky that I got the chance to grow up on the Texas Gulf Coast because it meant lots of hot, sticky summers at some really beautiful beaches.

Sand Dunes at Padre Island National Sea Shore Source
 3. In 9th grade my Step Dad got stationed at Patuxent River Naval Air Station in Southern Maryland. I lived in St. Mary's County Maryland from 9th grade through the end of college. (I went to St. Mary's College of Maryland, MD's public honors college.)  Although my family hasn't lived there since 2005 (they moved right after I graduated highschool), Southern Maryland feels like home to me more than anywhere else in the country. I lived there for 8 years, which is longer than I've lived any where else. I try to make a visit to Maryland at least once a year to see friends and familiar places. Mike and I have even talked a little about moving to the DC/ Baltimore area after he's done with grad school.

At Somolons Island in Southern Maryland in May 2011
Watching the sun set over the St. Mary's River in 2009

4. After college (and a terrible break up) I felt like I needed to go on an adventure. I got a job as a campaign organizer and fulfilled a long standing dream of moving to Austin, TX. Austin is an amazing city. I instantly felt at home there, and it was nice to get back to my Texas roots. I loved the pace of Austin, the food, the music, the people. I really thought I'd found my new hometown. Unfortunately, the dream was short lived, but the journey was awesome and I met my best friend!

Mini Golf in Austin. Summer 2009 with my bff Katy

5. My job asked me to move to Boston in December 2009. Given the economy at that point in time,  I felt like I had to take them up on it or risk loosing my job. I begrudgingly moved from my Central Texas paradise to cold, snowy Boston in the middle of the winter. To be honest, I hated Boston the first 15 or so months I lived here. It wasn't until the Spring of 2011 that I really started to fall in love with the city and it's conveniences. I still hate the winters, but I'm happy here.

Boston City Map Letter Press from Gooseberry Designs on Etsy


  1. Growing up my family moved more times than I can count (dead-beat dad syndrome)...last time I counted houses (that I remember living in) it was on average once a year (sometimes twice). It wasn't until my parents got a divorce that my mom, sister and I settled into a town and stayed there for years (10+ years). I consider it my "hometown" although it's not a place I'd ever go back to visit (small podunk town that's gone downhill). To me San Diego will always be "home". That's where much of my family lives, where I was born, spent summers and got my first job after college. I guess in some ways I'm still looking for a place to settle down and put in roots. Maybe it'll be San Diego someday. Maybe not.

    I almost think it's nicer to have many places you call home than to have no where to call home.

  2. I have only ever lived in an hour and a half circle around my childhood home... truly a little circle. I often feel like I am missing out, but now that I have a kid, it's not so easy to just decide to move... Maybe one day!

  3. I have always like in the region I live in now and never had the opportunity to branch out and try other state's cultures. I am craving a move though and as soon as I finish my master's degree...I'm out of here!

    My husband lived in Boston for 18 months for a temporary job while we were dating. He like the conveniences and the walkability of the community!

  4. Wow, you've lived in so many places which sounds fun! I've only lived in NJ and NC. I've been to St. Mary's College before and that's such a gorgeous area.


  5. I love that after college you fulfilled your dream and took off for Austin! And obviously it was meant to be because you met your best friend there :)

  6. Wow you have really lived all over! that's crazy... I am glad you like it here in Boston! Ah, if I can help make you love it even more let me know! :) Although you have been here for awhile so you probably know a lot of the tricks of the trade.



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