Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Wintry Mix

Yesterday I felt inspired to try a little pattern mixing. I grabbed my comfy pinstripe trousers and a polka dot top with a blue cardigan for a pop of color. Truthfully, I was mostly inspired by the fact that I then could use "Wintry Mix" as the title for my post. Unfortunately, the pinstripe in my pants didn't translate that well in photos, but you get the idea?

Obviously I couldn't wear the metallic ballet flats out in the slushy snow and rain, so I threw them in my bag and pulled on my rubber boots to brave the wintry mix outside.

Shirt: Old Navy last year
Cardigan: Old Navy (I own it in 4 colors and might get a few more next time it is on sale)
Pants: Old Navy- thrifted from the Garment District.
Ballet flats: Old Navy clearance for $5.50!

I didn't realize until I typed this entry that my entire outfit was from Old Navy. Do you ever wear the same brand head to toe?


  1. Loving the cornflower shade of blue xoxo

  2. love that shade of blue :) it's so nice!


  3. That shade of blue looks beautiful on you! Now you need to get Old Navy to start sending you free clothes for the advertising you're giving them! How great would that be?

  4. Heh, we only have a few stores in my town and online shopping is always a hit or miss, so I do end up wearing the same brand head to toe! (I do feel emadressed typing this....so silly.)
    I too have this sweater in a ton of the colors, its one of the better sweaters they put out and the colors are fun! The bright blue looks really lovely on you!

    Katie Q.


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