Thursday, January 19, 2012

Welcome to Hips and Hangers!

Hi, I'm Tashia. I'm a 24 year old professional and transplanted Bostonian. By day I do HR for a nonprofit, but I've been looking for a hobby or creative outlet to balance out the hum-drum of working a 9-5. In September 2010 I started Eating Feelings as a way to channel some energy into writing. While I love blogging I often find myself unmotivated and unfocused. I decided to start a new blog with a specific focus-fashion.

I've always loved fashion. When I was little I would spend hours drawing designs using a set of fashion stencils. I aspired briefly to be a fashion or costume designer, before realizing I am not skilled in the drawing or sewing arenas. Mostly, I love putting outfits together. Nothing compares to the feeling I get when I find a special piece for my wardrobe or putting together a fun new ensemble. 

Sometimes getting dressed in the morning is a bit of a challenge for me. My body shape and size is such that I am stuck in between "straight" sizes and "plus" sizes. On the bright side this gives me more places to shop, but it can be really frustrating to find pieces that fit and flatter. 

My hope is that Hips and Hangers will function a creative outlet and a hobby, but I also hope that it will challenge me to make more conscious decisions about what I buy and what I wear. Most of all, I hope that you enjoy reading it!

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  1. Hey! Just discovered your blog! Cute little hearts on your sweater! Would love you to stop by my blog & if you love please follow, I'll be happy to follow you back xoxo


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