Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Weekly Wishlist: Flat Sandals

I have not been doing a good job of taking outfit photos this week. I promise I'm getting dressed, but I've also been over-sleeping. My excuse? I got sucked into the Hunger Games books and read all three in just three days. I know, I know, I'm late to get on that bandwagon, but I didn't want to buy the books and they were reserved at the library for infinity. I finally borrowed them and stayed up until wee hours of the morning reading with my kitty in bed.

Anyways no outfit photos means you get a Weekly Wishlist instead. I love flat strappy sandals. They are possibly my favorite style of shoe. I usually buy inexpensive sandals at Target or Payless and then they never last more than a summer or two because I wear them basically every day. I've been thinking about investing in a few higher quality pairs of sandals in hopes that they will survive more than two summers. Here are my favorites:

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I can't imagine spending over $100 for a pair of simple sandals, but Born makes a super comfortable high quality shoe, and the nude color would go with everything. They're also available in brown, black, pink, and aqua. I bet I could find them cheaper if I did some hunting.

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I love, love, love the beautiful color of these turquoise leather sandals. They would be great to add a pop of color to my summer outfits. The price tag isn't bad either.

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These neutral cuties look super squishy, and that's important. There's nothing worse than walking around all day in hard sandals and going home with blisters on the balls of your feet. My Payless camel colored brown sandals are on their last leg, so these would be a good replacement. They're also available in wide width!

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How cute are these? I love the pastels and leopard print. I can see them adding a little spice to a black sundress. 

Which sandals are your favorite? 


  1. how fun are those last pair with the leopard print?! so fun!
    i do the same- i buy cheapo flat sandals from f21 or old navy and then they inevitable break.


  2. I love flat sandals and I actually live in them during the summers. I just love those 2 steve madden ones!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  3. I love those turquoise ones...I need to add some kind of pair to my closet...all I ever wear is heels.

    xo erica

  4. I'll admit, I am really bad when it comes to flat sandals. As in, I don't even own a pair. (I know, it's awful, but I always hate spending any money on them when I feel like Ill only wear them for maybe two months.) However, that steve madden pair has me think about changing my mind! Steve madden usually makes a good shoes, so hopefully they would last for a while. (And they have leopard print!Can't go wrong with that!) :)

  5. I love this flat sandal. I wish I could still wear more fashionable sandals like this.
    I always wear flat sandals,it feels very comfortable and keep you feet very relax!!

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