Monday, June 18, 2012

Weekend Recap: What a Drag!

I had a really fun and busy weekend. Saturday I met up with my friend Michael to go shopping for outfits for his birthday party. I broke two fashion "rules" for curvy girls by wearing horizontal stripes AND short shorts. Rules are meant to be broken, and I absolutely love this outfit.

Top: H&M
Cardigan: Old Navy
Shorts: Forever 21+
Sandals: Payless

We went to one of my favorite stores, the Garment District. It is a thrift, vintage, and costume store all in one, so it was a great choice for us to do our shopping.  Why did the party warrant a special shopping trip? His birthday party was drag themed!

In addition to serving as Michael's personal stylist and make up artist for the day, I got in on the fun myself. I had fun and kind of went all out even adding a little five 'clock shadow with my makeup.  Here's my lovely ensemble for the evening!

Vest, bowtie and shoes: thrifted via Garment District
Shirt: Borrowed
Pants: Old Navy (women's)
Belt: thrifted
Hat: Macy's (women's) last year

I think I make a very dapper gentleman, and I had a wonderful time. Have you ever dressed in drag?


  1. This is so awesome! I am wicked jealous of this themed party. Too fun!

    Hannah Tattoos and Pearls

  2. What a great party! You looked totally hot as a dude ;)

    And I love you breaking the rules with your short shorts and your stripes! I think you've got a great body

    So now I've hit on you dressed as a man and a woman. What's wrong with me?

  3. You're definitely right, rules are meant to be broken!! I've never dressed in drag before but that looks like so much fun!


  4. Your costume is adorable and it sounds like it was such a fun party! :)

    Those fashion-y people have been telling all of us for years that if we werent super tall and super slim, none of us could wear stripes. Well, phhhht to that! stripes look amazing on everyone and are way to much fun to miss out on. Love to see you breaking those outdated rules and the short-shorts and the striped tank look amazing on you, perfect for a warm summer day.


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