Monday, September 10, 2012

Weekend Recap: Happy Blur

Happy Monday, y'all! I'm home from work today due to a doctor's appointment this morning, so it's a three day weekend for me. Thus far it has been a really great one. I finally got the rest I was craving and also managed to be really productive.

Friday night we had some date night barbecue at Sweet Cheeks Q  (so yummy!) and watched a movie at home. Mike snapped these outfit pictures for me on the way to dinner, but somehow they all turned out just a little blurry.

Outfit: Dress- Old Navy; Cardigan- Target; Belt- thrifted; Shoes- Payless; Necklace- Gift
Saturday I slept in, made french toast with bananas, and then made a trip to Ikea. That trip lead to assembling a bookcase, putting doors on it, and unpacking almost everything! I'm so proud/ amazed that we've only been in the apartment a week, but the only box we have left is stuff that we have to hang on the walls. Hopefully by the end of this week that box will be gone and all of our shelving and art will be on the walls. As soon as we're finished I'll post some pictures.

Sunday I had a brunch date with a friend and did some shopping. I redeemed my Old Navy extra bucks and got some shirts and a scarf. In sticking with my one in, one out policy, here's a recap of my purchases/ items to be donated for the week.
IN: Items purchased
OUT: Items to be donated (plus a scarf, not pictured)

How was your weekend?


  1. you look so pretty! love the royal blue cardi! xO!

  2. Love the new stuff you got, can't wait to see them on you!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  3. Love how you paired the bright colors with the black and white print! How funny, I also made french toast with bananas for breakfast on the weekend :)

    The Tiny Heart
    Win a Mint Statement Necklace!

  4. Ah! So happy you are getting your place together. :) Love that dress, and LOVE LOVE LOVE the items you got. I need to start doing this. IN and OUT. I just need to get donating some of my clothes.


  5. Yikes, you're making me hungry, BBQ? French toast and bananas? Oh my goodness,that all sounds delicious! And you look completely adorable for a night out, wow that dress looks great on you! I love your style, you seem like you have a clear idea of what you like and how you like to wear it. You've made me come to love cardigans, you always look adorable and polished in them.)

    I really like your new policy of the one in, one out, what a great idea to really edit out a closet and reduce clutter. (And it's fun seeing what other people buy, that old Navy polka dotted chambray shirt is awesome, it's one of my favorite shirts now. And I've been stalking that sailboat scarf, I keep waiting to see if it will go on sale a little bit.)

  6. Love the new boots you're swapping out for the old ones!! PS. I'd love it if you could visit my blog and follow me if you like it!! :)


  7. I love how you showed both what's coming in and what's going out. Great idea!


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