Thursday, September 6, 2012

Budgeting Space- One In, One Out

My new apartment is really small. I guessed when we signed the lease back in March that our biggest challenge was going to be clothing storage, so I started brainstorming, googling, apartment therapy-ing, and pinterest-ing storage options. During a trip to ikea a few months ago Mike and I discovered a brilliant storage solution- a bed frame with four giant drawers underneath! After checking craigslist religiously for a month, I found a slightly used Brimnes storage bedframe for less than half the price it sells for at ikea!

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With the help of those 4 deep drawers, a six drawer dresser used as a tv stand in the living room, and some closet organizers we got all of our clothes and shoes to fit! The only issue is there isn't room for any more. As a result, I'm instituting a one in, one out policy for my wardrobe.If I buy something it has to be replacing an item that is no longer wearable OR I have to be willing to donate or sell an item to make room.

I am actually really excited about this philosophy. It will keep me from making too many impulse purchase, thus saving me money. It is also challenges me to pick pieces I will get a lot of wear out of. If it's going to take up space in my closet/ drawers the I better wear it!

The only items on my "must buy for fall" list are black riding boots, and black flats. Yesterday I went to DSW to see if they had any wide calf boots in stock. They did! I used my $10 off coupon and bought a great pair of wide calf, black leather riding boots. I'll be throwing out an old pair of faux suede black boots to make room for them:)

How do you store/ organize your wardrobe? Any tips for sharing closet space with your significant other?


  1. love the bed! its so modern looking and love that it's all white! xO!

  2. I think I might be the wrong person to give you advice on this... since I'm basically a borderline hoarder and a full on shopaholic. My husband and I have our own closets. And we've also each taken over all the spare bedroom closets in our house. It's sick actually now that I'm typing this out. Hahaha.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  3. Maybe the only good thing about being single is that I don't have to share my closet space with anyone. And it's a good thing, really, because in spite of my Nosh Opping purge, I still have a lot of clothes.

    I have started, slowly, working on one in and one out though. As the result of last weekend's shopping, I am getting rid of two pairs of shoes, a skirt and a pair of jeans. It's hard though because I'm practically a hoarder. ;-)

  4. I keep meaning to do this myself, but I just can't. It's too overwhelming. Does that mean I have a problem?

    BTW, I love the bed- that's exactly what we need!

  5. I just did a major closet purge, getting rid of all of those insignificant clothing items...and it has helped me manage my clothing storage space. I have to admit though, that after my son went away to college, I took over his room...made it my mom cave and now have an extra closet for seasonal storage.

    I love the idea of using a dresser or chest as a TV stand; practical and beautiful.

  6. I have told myself many of times to start the 1-in 1-out policy, but geez, it seems hard! Dave has a lot of clothes and shoes himself so he has taken over the walk-in closet in the master bedroom. I have the whole den turned closet and closet in the guest room. It is posts like this that make me happy that I live in a city where there is lots of space and square footage for clothes. Good luck!

  7. I love this style of bed, all of the extra storage is awesome. (I just can't bring myself to get rid of our current bed though, I like the wood and the style too much.) This is a great idea about the one in/one out method!

  8. i love the idea of this bed! i utilize the space under my bed right now but i have a mismatch of boxes and plastic containers that aren't too appealing to glance at. i hope this works out well for you guys! and i admire your 1 in, 1 out philosophy. i have plenty of clothes i will probably never wear that i should just make it a point to donate and move forward with a similar mentality. why is it so hard to get rid of clothes we know we will never wear??


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