Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Some Blogging Dillemmas

One thing that I do not love about my new apartment is the lack of natural light. I don't really have an indoor location that works for taking outfit photos. This is probably for the best because it will encourage me to take pictures outside more often. However on rainy days like Tuesday, it presents a real problem. I looked really cute, but I didn't get to take pictures! Instead you get some pictures from about a week ago.

Outfit: Blouse- Old Navy; Skirt- Alfani via Macy's; Shoes- Payless; Bracelets- thrifted; Earrings-?

These pictures were taken in the stairwell of my old building. I really missed that spot this morning!

Fellow bloggers- what do you do for photos on rainy days?


  1. This outfit is cute too! I have actually taken a picture in the rain with my umbrella..and had some fun with it!

  2. As you can see on my blog today, when it rains I stand outside and take photos with my umbrella, ha. My apartment too is pretty terrible for indoor photos.

    The Tiny Heart
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  3. First of all, I like the oufit, the top looks great on you and I love that you always wear so feminine outfits!
    Then, well, my apartment is also not appropriate for indoor photos, I hardly ever take photos indoors. Do you take your photos by yourself? If so I'd buy a tripod and search for a spot outside that is bright enough and shelters from the rain, somewhere near you or your work. When it's raining, I usually don't take any photos, because I don't like the "greyness" on the photos, normally I then put on the outfit again the next day when it does't rain and take a photo. Well but this only works, because I'm always behind with my posts, as I normally am not at all able to write after a concert directly about the concert and the outfit, normally I have a glass of wine with some friends and need to think about the concert a night and write the post the day after.

    xxx Anita

  4. You look so cute in this top! I have done some outdoor photos in the rain, but for the most part, if it's rainy, I just don't take pictures! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  5. AW I know that's like my place now... I have no place to take indoor pictures... oh well. It worth that sacrifice ha-ha. You look really cute in this outfit as well!


  6. I'm like Yi-chia. If it's raining (really raining), I just skip it. If it's sprinkling or rain sporadically, I have done like Sharon and taken photos with my umbrella. Usually if it's raining I want to be inside and comfy clothes- so lazy!!

  7. I love your top, especially the print! If it's raining a lot I skip pictures, otherwise I wait for it to stop a little or take pictures with an umbrella.


  8. That top is SO cute! If it's raining, I just try to wait for a day when it's not to take pics...or brave the weather if it's not too bad :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  9. Cute top! Love the tribal print! Whenever it rains I usually move my photo shoot inside. I try to find the best spot w/good lighting.

  10. Hah, I am lazy when it comes to the rain, if its raining really hard, I just don't take photos! (Yeah, like I'm the best person to take blogging advice from.)
    As for taking indoor photos, that can be tricky without natural lighting, but it can be done! I think we both use point and shoots and mine is as cheap as the come, so we should have some of the same options on them. If you go to your menu, you can switch your lighting options around, from outdoors/natural light to indoors, florescent light and on and on. This helps so much! Plus, working with your exposure settings can help with how bright/dark your pictures come out, that should be in your menu options as well, under settings I think. (I hope this helps!)
    And on to the outfit! I love setting all of the ways you are wearing this top, I think it paired with the pencil skirt is my favorite yet.


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