Sunday, April 22, 2012

Weekly Wishlist: Birthday Edition

I haven't been writing the Weekly Wishlist feature as regularly as I did when I began this blog. The biggest obstacle I've faced is finding enough items to feature around a specific theme.

My birthday is less than two weeks away (May 5th), so I thought I'd do a special edition of the weekly wishlist with a hodgepodge of items, including *gasp* some non fashion related items!

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I've been wanting to buy myself a right hand ring for quite some time. I think my 25th birthday might be a good excuse to do it. Emerald is my favorite. Not only is it my birth stone, but green is my favorite color. This one is my favorite emerald ring under $50. I love the leaf like detail.

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I've been eyeing this dress for weeks. I love the print and the beautiful coral color. I think it would work well for work, but could also be easily dressed up for a wedding or other formal event. I have a hard time justifying spending more than $40 on a single item of clothing, so I've been hoping this beauty would go on sale. 

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When I moved to Austin from Boston I left all of my kitchen stuff in storage. I've been hesitant to buy kitchen things, because I plan to go get my stuff at some point. The one thing that isn't in storage is a nice set of pots and pans. I love these blue beauties. And 10 pieces for $130 is a pretty good deal for porcelain cookware. I imagine they'd last a few years, until I'm ready to invest in some Le Crueset. 

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I've been thinking about making an investment in a bike. Nothing fancy, just a simple bike that I could ride leisurely on the weekend, and occasionally use to commute to work. I'd probably end up buying a used bike on craigslist, but if I decide to buy a new bike, I'd want a Schwinn cruiser like this one!

What are you wishing for for your next birthday?


  1. Oh wow, that Damask dress is beyond fabulous!


  2. So many awesome birthday ideas! I hope your family reads your blog!!! And I think that dress is the perfect gift for yourself!! Now I am the enabler!


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