Monday, June 24, 2013

Boho Dreams

Do you ever have problems with outfit execution? I often find that outfits just don't look the way I'd imagined them in my head. 

When I bought this flowy, hi/low hemmed, sleeveless blouse (which I loved so much I bought in two prints) I imagined I'd style it in the kind of bohemian street style you'd expect to see from Nicole Richie:

I've always loved the boho look. As a 13-15 year old I mimicked and idolized the style of Kate Hudson's Penny Lane character in Almost Famous. On my curvy frame those loose, flowy styles don't always have the same effect. I wind up looking more frumpy than free spirited.  In the hopes of balancing out the volume of the shirt, I paired it with some fitted skinny jeans and brown flat sandals. 

The result was sadly a little more frumpy than boho, but at least the shirt was comfy and breezy on a warm day. 

I'm not ready to give up on this shirt, or it's black feather print cousin. I think I'll play around with the styling a little bit more. 

Outfit: Shirt: H&M similar from Evans; Jeans: Old Navy Rockstar; Sandals- ? via Marshalls similar from DSW
Help me! How would you style this shirt? 


  1. I like your blog and you're really cute. Pleasing sense of style and I love your figure. Have you thought about belting the shirt? Maybe a little thin brown belt, or a stringy leather one wrapped around a few times. Maybe clasped with a metal brooch or pin. And maybe either a pencil skirt on the bottom, or some straight-legged slacks/jeans. Once you belt it you won't need to worry about keeping it tight below.

  2. I agree with belting the shirt or with tucking it in so it looks a bit more fitted :)

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  3. That shirt is adorable! :)I don't think you look frumpy at all. I think it would also look cute with some shorts or skirt! :)


  4. I actually LOVE this shirt on you, but I know what you mean about something not looking the way you'd anticipated. Belting might help, or you could tuck the front in and let the back hang loose, which could give you more definition, if you think you need it.


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  5. I find hi-low shirts to be a bit of a challenge, but my answer to the button down for summer is always knotting it, of course.
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  6. I think you look so pretty in this shirt! I have a couple hi-low shirts that can be tricky. I usually end up tucking it all into a skirt!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  7. Such a wonderful printed shirt! I liked how you paired it with your jeans & sandals.


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