Thursday, November 8, 2012

Negligent Blogger Alert!

I have been really negligent about blogging lately and it makes me sad. Finding the time to take blog photos in the fall and winter is really difficult! I know I should be used to it, since I started this blog in January, but I took indoor photos then!

I wish I had considered an indoor space with good natural lighting as part of my apartment searching criteria. Between the wind, the rain, the snow, and it getting dark at 5:30 I have taken outfit photos only on Saturdays 3-4 weeks. Terrible! I miss it!

These photos were taken in the Boston Common this past Saturday. Mike and I had brunch in Beacon Hill and then headed to Haymarket for some cheap produce. I think we're going to make brunch and Haymarket a weekly ritual. The prices really can't be beat! For less than $10 we got 3 peppers, an eggplant, a bushel of bananas, 3 avocados, a bushel of asparagus, and 6 apples. 

Outfit: Sweater: H&M; Leggings: Danskin via Marshalls; Boots: Me Too via DSW; Jacket: JCrew thrifted 
Today felt like winter (rain, snow, wind, freezing temps) but Saturday was gorgeous. The foliage on the common was absolutely beautiful. I wish we'd had more time to walk around, but Mike had homework to do and I had a birthday party to get to. 

Hopefully you'll be seeing more of me in the coming weeks. Maybe it's time I start toting my tripod to work and take advantage of the lighting in my office? Thanks for sticking with me while I work out the kinks that come with the change in seasons. 


  1. i think i get 2nd place ;) I love you in the fall attire, you look gorg! love your posts.

  2. Winter is always a tough time to shoot pictures. I am struggling just like you. And when it gets dark at 5:30, I want to go to bed at 5:30! Ugh!

  3. Seriously, the 4:30 sunset time makes it SO hard. Plus it gets so cold that I barely even want to stand outside for more than 5 minutes! You look so cozy in that sweater!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  4. SO cute!!!! :) I love this sweater dress on you.


  5. I think it's easier to start a blog in the middle of winter when you're use to the cold than go from the nice temps of summer and try to muster the will power to take outside pictures. :P I've got the same problem as you, we have zip for natural lighting in our apartment. It's pretty understandable about not wanting to take photos, you guys have had crazy weather down there! (Did you get hit by that huge snow storm?)

    PS- so cute in the sweater-dress and leggings! you do the cutest casual looks, I love the jean jacket over the outfit. (And am completely jealous. All of that for $10? That's crazy!)

  6. I completely understand what you are saying! Ive been getting to work early so I can leave before the sun goes down.

    Im a huge fan of cowl neck sweaters so I love your sweater with the denim jacket.

  7. the shorter days really do make outfit photos a challenge.
    I usually take a few extras over the weekend, or do some non-outfit posts each week.

    hope you find a solution that works well for you!

    Chic on the Cheap

  8. Nice post dear :)

    Join Estée Lauder Giveaway on my blog :)

  9. Such a cute fall outfit - love that color blue on you!

    The Other Side of Gray


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