Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Trip to the ICA

My friend Kelly was kind enough to invite me along on her visit to the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston. The last time I visited the ICA I left feeling a little underwhelmed, but this trip did not disappoint! I loved the new exhibit This Will Have Been: Art, Love and Politics in the 1980s.  

The ICA is just a few blocks from the site of the Boston Tea party and has amazing views of the harbor. I couldn't help but take some pictures in some of the glass lobby areas overlooking the harbor. 

Outfit: Dress- Gap; Cardigan- Old Navy; Tights- H&M; Boots- Me Too via DSW; Belt- Urban Outfitters. 
The lighting in these photos was a little tricky. I had to clean them up a lot in photoshop, and I still couldn't get them right. This dress is actually a charcoal gray flannel, but it looks a little blue in the photos. My photos of the harbor turned out much better. Seriously, how beautiful is this view?

I want to thank y'all for sticking with me despite my sporadic posting. I probably won't post again until after Thanksgiving, but I'm going to try my darnedest to take lots of pictures (and dress really fabulously) over the long weekend! I hope everyone enjoys a day full of friends, family, and delicious food! 


  1. I always enjoy a good art museum! Sometimes I have issues with photo editing too. I love your mustard tights and the harbor looks gorgeous! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Tashia!

    The Tiny Heart

  2. Love your outfit and the tights just finish it perfectly.

  3. i love your mustard/grey combo! and yes, that view is gorgeous. have a great thanksgiving!!

  4. LOVE this dress on you! I like the yellow/mustard tights. I feel like some people cant pull them off and some people can- you certainly can! :) Tashia hope you have great thanksgiving as well!! Are you going to be able to see family?


  5. You look so cute in this dress and I love the yellow tights! I've never been to the ICA, but I agree, the view is great! Hope you have a wonderful week! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  6. I liked that dressing thinking it was blue, I LOVE it knowing it's gray flannel! Gray's my favorite color! Have a great Thanksgiving!

  7. Cute! Love the tights!


  8. Love the pictures of the harbor. I also love that dress paired with the yellow tights. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Following you now too!
    Penniless Socialite

  9. You look lovely my dear! I absolutely love your dress, but my favorite has to be those colored tights! Gorgeous!
    I've always wanted to visit Boston. It just seems like such a lovely city. My boyfriend did a 5 week summer music
    program at Berklee and fell absolutely in love with. I still have yet to visit - but hopefully someday!

    tiana of l'esthetique

  10. Love that dress with the yellow/mustard tights - so cute!

    The Other Side of Gray

  11. I love this look; the mustard tights are perfect.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  12. you look so cute, and the view does look grand.
    hope you have a happy thanksgiving!
    Chic on the Cheap

  13. It doesn't matter if you only post every now and then, I'll always check back, you are one of my very favorite bloggers and I always love seeing what you're up to. (Like this exhibit, it sounds so interesting, Art, love and politics in the 80s, I'm always jealous of all of the amazing things that Boston has going on.) And oh my, that belt is crazy cute, how fun to see you rocking the colored tights!

  14. What a pretty view! And your outfit combines my favorite colors - gray and mustard yellow - so cute! I hope you have a fabulous Thanksgiving weekend :)

  15. Love the grey tones with the pop of orange and yellow! Smart! Happy Thanksgiving doll! :)
    Do stop over at my blog sometime. And if you like it, do follow too! :)

  16. one word . LOVE that photo of u and ur friend! loving your blog. xO!

  17. Your tights are wonderful! I love how you paired them with grey. I wouldve never thought to do that! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

  18. Hi Tashia, I sure you're off having a fabulous time but I wanted to tell you Happy Thanksgiving real quick, I hope you get to have a great time and enjoy a few days off!

  19. i do love a fellow gold tights wearer! you look fab, and gorgeous photos!!xx


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