Monday, February 25, 2013

An outfit, but mostly just cat pics

I finally got a new camera! It's my new job/ tax return present to myself. I decided a DSLR just wasn't realistic for me right now, so I upgraded to a nice point and click instead. I settled on the Nikon CoolPix L610. It might not be a DSLR, but with 16mp and multiple shooting modes and ISO settings, it is definitely a huge step up from my bare bones 10pm camera. My only complaint thus far is that it uses AA batteries and doesn't have the best battery life. 

Blouse- Evans via Gwynnie Bee; Cardi-Target, Jeans- Old Navy, booties- Minnetonka
Would you believe this picture was taken outside at 8pm? Amazing! It turned out a little more grainy than I expected. If anyone has tips for taking less grainy photos, let me know! Of course to practice with my new camera I've been taking pictures of my cat.

...Lots and lots of pictures of my cat.


  1. Yay for a new camera! I don't have tips for getting the grainy-ness out while shooting but you can definitely edit it.

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  2. Can we talk about how cute your shower curtain is?! Yay for your new camera! I bet you enjoyed practicing with cute pics of your kitty! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  3. Aww..your kitty sitting on the tub is so cute. I miss having a cat. They are always fun and do take great pictures. :) Congrats on getting a new camera! It's always fun to mess around with them and see what they can do. For less grainy photos, you want your ISO to be as low as possible without sacrificing light into the photo. So unless you have a very sensitive lens that can allow in tons of light, you might have to use the flash for nighttime photography. If you don't like the bright burst of the flash, you can diffuse it. Try taping a thin kleenex tissue to the front of your flash so that when it fires, the light will diffuse through the tissue and not be as harsh. I hope that helps!! :) <3


  4. yay for a new camera! i can't believe that picture was taken at 8pm! Your cat is too cute :)


  5. Yes, what Love Hanger said - low ISO (like 100) will give you a smoother image, but if you are taking photos in low light you are going to have to suffer through the grain, or use a tripod and stand very, very still for a long exposure.

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  6. Oh my goodness, who's the cutest kitty ever? That guy! I love the second to last picture, he's so cute rolled over with his little paws crossed. I can't resist cute kitty pictures. (Who can?)
    Congratulations on your new camera! Nikkon makes a pretty sweet point and shoot but I had the same problem with my last camera taking batteries. I like being able to charge the battery so it's irritating having to run out and buy batteries but it's sort of nice if the batteries die away from home and you can just buy some more AAs. I'll have to agree, a lower ISO will help with the graininess. I read somewhere that 100ISO is suppose to be perfect and that's generally what I shoot on. It is wonderful now that we're getting more light, I've been able to take pictures at 4 oclock and it's wonderful!

  7. you look lovely and the kitty is just too cute!

    X Jenny

  8. You have the CUTEST kitty cat! OMG I wanna kiss him/her!


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