Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Power Dressing

Do you ever have one of those days where you need to project an air of confidence, but you're just not feeling it? I've found that on days like that it really helps to put on an outfit that makes me feel confident and authoritative. For me that "power outfit" is a dress or pencil skirt, a low heel or wedge and a blazer or cardigan.

Outfit: Blazer- Target; Dress- NY&Co (old); Heels- Crown Vintage via DSW; Tights- Hue via Marshall's; Earrings?
I love this blazer. I'm strongly resisting the urge to order another color from the Target website. I imagine it will be appearing on the blog a lot as it is a very versatile piece. It looks great as a suiting piece for work, but also with more casual pieces.

By the way- the thing I needed to feel confident for went really well. I'll be less vague when I know the final result. I don't want to jinx anything! What do you wear on days that you need to feel and project an air of confidence? Do you have a "power outfit"?


  1. I love the color of that blazer! I only have blazers in neutrals and I'd love a colorful one. I'm glad whatever the outfit was for went well :)

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  2. love the blazer and the colors in this entire ensemble! You look amazing! xO!

  3. I always buy items I love in more than one color. So if that blazer feels as great as it looks on you, I say go for it and order another! You are definitely projecting an air of confidence here, my dear!


  4. You look so pretty, definitely a great power outfit! Blazers are definitely my go-to's when it comes to dressing for success. I just feel like your outfit is immediately upgraded a level when you have a blazer on... even if you're wearing jeans.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  5. Ah yes! I know what you mean. I am in a comfortable power outfit right now, I didn't know that was possible!! Love this outfit on you, that blazer looks like it was made for you!


  6. Blazers are definitely a confidence booster...love them with dresses!

    The Other Side of Gray

  7. Great blazer and I'm glad things went well for you!!

  8. That is a great blazer, the color is very good for you.

  9. You are gorgeous in your power outfit! I don't necessarily have a set power outfit, but I know that when I dress confidently I perform better, be it a presentation, test or interview. Maybe it is all in my mind, but it totally works for me!

  10. I think you hit part of it with the dressing in what makes you feel confident. I feel the most confident when I wear a equestrian inspired outfit, (Tall boots, jeggings and a button up) it's a facet of my life that I feel immensely confident in my abilities and wearing garments that remind me of that always make me feel powerful. You look like you feel really confident in this, there's just something about a sharp blazer that I think makes most of us feel strong and powerful. (Wow, that was a rambling paragraph.)
    I do really like this outfit, I love the color of your blazer and that it's not the typical black.


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